DVR performs testing the majority of diesel engines up to 2,100 HP (1566kW), up to 4,000 RPM

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    DVR specialize in the repair and maintenance of engines - marine and stationary diesels. Overhauls are performed aboard vessels or in our workshops. DVR offers global diesel engine repair and generator repair services for most major diesel engine and generator for ships, boats, dredges, generators, pumps, and other marine and industrial applications. DVR provide engine inspections & analysis service by trained, authorized technicians for 24 hour/365 day service.
    DVR is subsidiary professionally company for providing turbocharger service for our clients. Our turbocharger service station can guarantee service and product reliability with quality assurance. Our qualified and highly skilled service engineers always ready to inspect, overhaul and repair turbochargers.
    DVR installs, connects, and performs operational testing of shipboard electrical systems and components which include electrical power and lighting systems, electric heat and ventilation equipment.
    DVR offers high quality part cleaning via the use of an industrial size ultrasonic cleaner. With dimension up to 1500 x 500 x 700 mm, almost every part of the engine can be cleaned using this nonintrusive method. Reaching every crevice of the part, ultrasonic cleaning is more efficient than other conventional cleaning methods, allowing the highest quality of cleanliness for proper defection and repairs.